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Thank you for reading my online guide. If you are hungry for more hip material, check out these other sites.

USAG Air Guitar World Championships   World Wide - need we say anymore?

USAG US Air Guitar   Stay up to date with all the news and info on upcoming US tours and championships.

MiLogo Mirror Image Inc.   Get custom printed t-shirts for your air guitar band or organization.

Monkey Monkey   T-shirts, hats, and more! Check back for Air Guitar Gear - COMING SOON!

Blackstone Valley Sinners Blackstone Valley Sinners   Now in Nashville Tennessee!

Farmaid FarmAid   The hard working organization focused on saving the family farm, an effort well worth our attention.

Iqbal A School for Iqbal Masih Fund   Broad Meadows seventh graders take their human rights activism to a new level when they decided to honor the memory of the slain 12 year old carpet maker, former slave, and human rights activist with his own dream: raising money to build a schoolhouse in Masih's village in Muridke, Pakistan.

Gibson Gibson Guitars   This famous guitar maker is now online. Guitar enthusiasts will appreciate services like an interactive price guide, and a serial-number search to help determine the age of that vintage axe. The site also provides a forum for musicians to chat about their beloved instruments.

NPR National Public Radio   Hey, you can't jam to tunes all the time. In addition to hard rock, you need hard news, and this is the place to get it.

Twink T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S Project   Watch a Twinkie undergo rigorous and thorough scientific testing. Just what is that white stuff anyway?

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