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Live Your Dreams
in the Mirror of Pain

By James Martel
age 13
Grade 7 Division 7-2
June 13, 1995

Dreams are nothing, if not fulfilled
They're only visions that appear
All your hopes and all your might
Could be washed away just like a tear
Nothing more, nothing less
It's so easy to lose your way
But if you're strong, and don't give up
You will live your dreams someday.

Your hate is boiling inside;
It has no place to run and hide.
Your heart is breaking clean in two;
There's nothing anyone can do.
Your soul becomes a lake of fire
to hurt someone is your desire.
You want someone to feel the pain,
That's almost driving you insane.
You then look up so silently,
Into the eyes of your enemy.
And instead of ugly, mocking glares,
You see your pain reflected there.
If you have a dream see it
Through, have faith in yourself and
And in your dream and it will come true.

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