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10,000 T's at SGIA 2000!

NEW ORLEANS-Rick Roth of R.I.-based Mirror Image has orchestrated what is perhaps the largest fund-raising print-a-thon ever staged at an industry trade show. For the benefit of the New Orleans Musicians Health Clinic-a clinic here that cares for the city's many indigent musicians-Roth and crew will print a variety of original music-related designs on a staggering 10,000 Hanes Comfort-T's at SGIA 2000. The printing will be done in the MHM exhibit.

"New Orleans is all about music," says Roth. "Without the local population of musicians, where would it be?" He acknowledges the industry's ongoing interest in various other charities-along with his own support of Amnesty Int'l. and other causes-but reasons that, with the convention in New Orleans this year, there's just something "right" about selecting this local beneficiary. He hopes to further promote the printing and sale of the shirts via the presentation of live New Orleans-style music, in the MHM exhibit and elsewhere in the exhibit hall.

"I know it's a lot of shirts to print and sell in four days," Roth says, "but look at it this way. The SGIA expects somewhere between ten and fifteen-thousand at the show. If we can print 'em, and if everybody buys just one five-dollar shirt, we'll sell out easily!" Roth's ace-in-the-hole, however, is an agreement from Tower Records to continue selling whatever shirts do not move at the show.

Roth extends a hearty "thank-you" to Tower Records, to the group of local artists who created the designs he'll be printing, to Hanes Printables, to the SGIA and to MHM, without the tremendous support of whom the project would have been impossible. He invites interested parties to visit for more information.

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