Third Annual Pawtucket Film Festival
Blackstone Valley Visitor's Center
175 Main Street
Pawtucket, RI

"An Objective Point of View"
written by Janet Aponte
Directed by Jim McKay and Hannah Weyer
A ScenariosUSA Release


A statement by Janet Aponte:

My name is Janet Aponte. I'm sixteen years old. I was the 2001 New York winner of the ScenariosUSA writing contest. Writing is my entire life. All of my stories have one common link: all of the main characters break away from the life that was laid down for them. Although this doesn't always happen in real life, I hope that, by reading my narratives, people will be able to realize that they don't have to settle for the life that someone else has set out for them. Sometimes I procrastinate when it comes to my homework or I get annoyed when my friends call, because I'm in the middle of a really good part in one of my stories. Writing isn't just my life; it is my reason for life.

About ScenariosUSA:

Scenarios USA is a non-profit organization which engages youth in thinking about the issues that shape their lives, such as unwanted pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and violence. Teenagers write stories for the Scenarios 'What's the REAL Deal?' contest, and the winners get to make their stories into shorts with professional filmmakers. The films are aired nationally and get seen by about 7 million teens. It's kids teaching kids. [contact: ph: 646.230.7677]


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