Bent not broken

I personally have many strong connections to New Orleans. Its a wonderful place with music, architecture, food, art, crazy friendly people, and a unique cutlure. Good food is considered a birthright down there, and people can be found literally dancing in the streets. Its the funnest place on earth.
As Mayor Nagin says, "Just mention New Orleans and anywhere around the world people's eyes light up." Right now New Orleans is in ruins and needs everyone's help. Raise hell with our government and also find a way to do something constructive and positive to help. Music is the lifeblood of New Orleans in many ways. I have an image of one of the first things people do in a crisis is save the culture, move paintings to high ground for instance. Well, music is made by real live people and they need to be moved to high ground as well. The New Orleans Musicians' Clinic is relocating musicians to the Lafayette, LA area and also finding them resources and providing medical care.
I know these folks personally and they spend money carefully and wisely and its one small way we can help. The foundation that accepts the funds is LSU Health Sciences Foundation, a legal 5013C non-profit and part of LSU Medical Center which has been destroyed, so it all needs our help.
Mirror Image is printing t-shirts that you can buy and wear to keep the people of New Orleans in mind. Profits from their sale will go to LSU Health Sciences Foundation. This is made possible by the extreme generosity of Hanes Printables and the assistance of our suppliers OLEC, KIWO, Rutland, Saatiprint, and MHM. These shirts can be purchased at
This is just one small way to help, join us or find some other way to help but do something positive.

Rick Roth
President Mirror Image Inc.


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