Dear Mirror Image
My son had a short film- Space Theatre- screen at the Pawtucket Film Festival.
Thank you very much for sponsoring this wonderful evening.
The lovely reception was a surprise-very unexpected and very generous of you as a sponsor to have made it
such a celebratory evening for the filmmakers and movie goers- Many thanks! and since it was my first visit
to the theatre I was also delighted to see what a wonderful theatre it is- perfect for this type of opening or festival!
Many thanks too, for the generosity in creating and handing out the T shirts - our son was thrilled to have one-
and they are terrific looking. The screened logo is so attractive- they are great T-shirts! A real testament to what you do...
...Many thanks again for a lovely evening. Thank you very much for supporting the film festival
and giving local film makers such a great venue for their work! We all had a lovely evening.
Best wishes, and sincere thanks. Rauni Kew (Mother of Sherman Kew!)