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Iqbal Visits BMMS

BMMS Grade 7 Reflections on the December 2,1994 Visit by Human Rights Hero, Iqbal Masih of Pakistan

"I asked him if he was beaten at all He said he couldn't even count how many times he was hit. He also said the owners told the carpet children that it was the Americans who ordered them to make rugs, He wondered all those years who are these Americans who make children suffer so much just for rugs. He said he was happy to finally see that Americans are not demons with horns. l was glad to see him smile at our school. When he was leaving, Mrs. Willoughby asked our class if we wanted to go outside and wave good-bye. When his car drove by, we waved. The car stopped. lqbal got out of thc car and shook all of our hands and he smiled."

Dan Long

"I hope some day Iqbal forgives his father for selling him as a slave. I know I never could."

Tracey Adams

"I think they should end all slavery forever and ever. I think that lqbal should be rewarded with much more than money."

John Barrieau

"I feel now like it is my responsibility to make a difference. I feel like I want to do everything I can. to help Iqbal and all the other carpet children. I was almost crying when he told us about ...(being sold into slavery>..."

Amanda Loos

"My job was to welcome Iqbal into the building I escorted him to the classroom and introduced him to the class. When he was telling his story,I could not believe that he was still alive after all the beatings he got from the factory owners. I am going to write a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and to President Clinton. I think if enough adults and kids work on this slavery in Pakistan, I think we can stop it."

Kevin Piccuito

"Before Iqbal Masih came to school, I thought school was evil. Now I see that if we weren't in school we would probably be working and maybe even hit like Iqbal Masih was.

Barry Bueler

"I never knew about "bonded labour" before. It makes me feel lucky to live in the United Statition."

Steven O'Hare

"I learned today that on the other side of the world there are kids like us but they don't live the same life we do.Parents sell them to mill owners who chain four year olds to looms."

Robert Dilks

"I thought slavery was over! Today I was 'shocked' to hear that kids are chained to looms in Pakistan. I think more now about things I take for granted. I would like to thank him for coming to our school."

Kristen Fox

"Today We were visited by a very young voice with an important message. Write many powerfulletters and boycott rugs made by slave children."

Michelle Catrambone

"I think no one should have to live his story."

James Zeng

"I felt really bad. He was so small because of lack of food...and I didn't eat everything last night at dinner."

Peter Coletti

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