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February 9, 1995

Mr. Ron Adams
Broad Meadows Middle School
50 Calvin Road
Quincy, MA 02169

Dear Mr. Adams:

You and your colleagues certainly deserve recognition for developing an activist-inducing human rights curricula for your students. I applaud the enthusiasm and compassion of the Broad Meadows Middle School students.

Of course, I heard about your efforts through the article, Making Human Rights Come Alive, in the Christian Science Monitor, dated December 13, 1994. Most intriguing to me was the human rights issue highlighted in the article -- child servitude in the carpet industry.

Because of your and your studentsÕ interest in the issue, I wanted to alert you to the U.S. RUGMARK Campaign, launched by the Child Labor Coalition in September. Our coalition member organizations are committed to the campaign and we invite other individuals and groups to join us in community-based activities.

We would certainly welcome student-driven activity on the Campaign. Perhaps, the RUGMARK Campaign is something you and your students may consider as a project. If I can be of assistance or answer questions about the RUGMARK Campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me.




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