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President Clinton President Bill Clinton to Broad Meadows' Iqbal Campaign

Congress Members of the U.S. Congress and Senate to the Masih Family

Congress Members of the U.S. Congress and Senate to Prime Minister Bhutto of Pakistan

AeroSmith AeroSmith

Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis

REM Michael Stipe of REM

Governor Weld Governor William Weld of Massachusetts

Senator Kennedy Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts

Representative Studds Representative Gerry E. Studds (D), Tenth District of Massachusetts

Mayor Sheets Mayor James A. Sheets of Quincy

The Child Labor Coalition DARLENE S. ADKINS, The Child Labor Coalition

The Carter Center President Jimmy Carter (this link sends you to the Carter Center web pages)

Albert Shanker Letter Albert Shanker - Pres. American Federation of Teachers< BR>

Letter from Land O' Lakes Martha Cashman - Land O' Lakes International Development Division

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