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May 18, 1995

Dear Mr. Adams:

Knowing of you and your Broad Meadows Middle School class' interest in the recent murder of Iqbal Masih in Pakistan, I am writing to share with you some recent legislative developments.

I know I share in your grief over the death of such an eloquent and effective voice against the exploitation of child labor. I understand that there was also a special bond between Iqbal and your students and that they are determined to carry on his crusade.

In that regard, I have joined with several of my colleagues in the House and Senate in sending a letter to Pakistani President Benazir Bhutto stating our commitment to continuing his efforts to end child slavery and urging her to bring his murderers to justice. We have also written to Iqbal's family to express our condolences. Copies of these letters are enclosed.

You may be assured that I will continue to work to ensure that Iqbal's life and deeds are not forgotten.

I appreciate your taking the time to share your thought s with me. Please do not hesitate to contact me about his or any other matter of concern.

With kind regards.


Gerry E. Studds

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