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A Bullet Can't Kill A Dream


  • September, 2008 Update
    this and other updates can be found on our Message Board

  • March 15, 2008 Update
    Two reasons for the update:
    1. share an update from the School for Iqbal in Pakistan
    2. invite teachers and others to attend an ILO sponsored Child Labor Conference on April 25-26, 2008

  • July, 2007 Update
    Keeping Iqbal Masih's dream alive!
    Generations of Broad Meadows Middle school students continue to be inspired
    by Iqbal's dream of freedom, education and a childhod for every child. Back in 1994,
    Iqbal told the Broad Meadows fall about his dream when he attended their school
    in Quincy, Massachusetts (USA) for a day. Iqbal's visit changed everything
    for the Broad Meadows students. On that day, they came face to face with child labor
    and they began immediately to take action against forced abusive child labor.
    In fact, as Iqbal was leaving Broad Meadows Middle School, several students there
    promised they would help him spread the word about child labor and child slavery.
    It's been 12+ years since that meeting of 12 year olds, and year after year students
    at Broad Meadows re-new their promise to take action for children like Iqbal
    all over the world. In addition to establishing "A School for Iqbal" in Pakistan,
    here is an illustrated update on the past two years’ work (especially 2005-2006 & 2006-2007)
    done by Broad Meadows students past and present and their peers in other schools
    as well as their partners (grassroots non-governmental organizations in developing countries).

  • September, 2006 Update A Photo Update!

  • Previous Monthly updates

  • CARE ACT OF 2001.Want to lobby for anti-child labor legislation? U.S. Senator Tom Harkin has introduced a new bill and he needs your help! The bill is known as "THE HARKIN DOMESTIC CHILD LABOR BILL" or the "CHILDREN'S ACT FOR RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYMENT-THE CARE ACT OF 2001".
  • The September 2000 issue of Marie Claire, the international, award winning magazine, has selected "School for Iqbal" co-founder, Amanda Loos, now 18, as an "International Heroines" in their inspiring story, "Girl Power."
  • watch "Global Sweatshop" The GLOBAL SWEATSHOP is a Two Part Televised Series on Child Labor to be broadcast on Mass Interaction (formerly MCET) about Iqbal Masih, the "School for Iqbal," and Ways YOU can take action to End Child Labor. Copies can be purchased.
  • Links2Go "Child Labor" Award. "A School For Iqbal" named the 7th best website on child labor in the world!
  • Check out this new link to the Rugmark Foundation webpage.
    RUGMARK - is working to eradicate child labor and supports education programs for former child workers.
  • Clinton Administration pushes the U.S. Congress on International Child Labor
  • "Iqbal Masih and the Crusaders Against Child Slavery" A new book by Susan Kuklin
  • "This is Our Call to Action" A Compact Disc to Benefit the School for Iqbal
  • More Letters of Support! for the students of Broad Meadows Middle School
  • More News from Around the World! about the school for Iqbal cause
  • Broad Meadows receives new awards, including the Harmony and the Trumpeter !!
  • Check out this interview in "New Designs" - lots of background on the Project

Iqbal's School Open 1 Year!
Large School Group at Iqbal's School
New School Pictures!! - Progress Updates

Iqbal and Broadmeadow
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