Patriot Ledger Articles

Clothes for Haiti Clothes Collected for Haiti - Jan. 28, 1999

Celebrate Diversity Students in Rally at Fleet Center - Dec. 16, 1998

Trumpeter Award Students win Consumer League award - Oct. 14, 1998

Greia lectures at Harvard School of Eduction Kids Lecture at Harvard - Sep. 29, 1998

School helps Haiti School to Help Haiti - July 24, 1998

March in Geneva Students March in Geneva against Child Labor - June 3, 1998

D.C. Rally Students Join D.C. Rally against Child Labor - May 28, 1998

The Patriot Ledger Quincy middle school students honored, May 20, 1998

Unfurling of the scroll Students use e-mail to protest child labor, May 13, 1998

Cyber March Students on a Cyber March - May, 1998

Patriot Ledger 5/97 Students Help Fight CHild Labor, May 1997

MTV article MTV Honors Students, MTV article

PLedger article 5/96 Teens Take Fight to Congress, May 1996

Patriot LedgerStudents connect rights campaign to rock concert, July 1995

The Class Students carry on hero's work

Patriot Ledger Boy Details his Life of Slavery, Dec. 3/4, 1994


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